Guitar Leads

All our instrument and guitar cables are assembled and tested by hand in the United Kingdom.

These guitar cables are among the best money can buy. From our ultra-low capacitance Seraphim Guitar cable with 52pf and the higher Eden at 130pf and God’s Whisker and Meher at 78pf, each with their own beautiful sonic characteristics.

The missing link in audio quality

Superb recording tone

Ideal for homestudios

For the home studio, DCA cables are an excellent choice.
"For me as a bass player the top end was less honky and scratchy which in turn lifted the mask of the low end" Adam Scott, happy client.

For years, we at DCA made do with a bag of cables that certainly carried a signal but never quite made the grade in true ‘Divine Clarity Audio’ .

So started the search for the ultimate cables combined with the optimum connectors and audiophile solder money could buy. That search, combined with many frustrating lows and ear splitting highs led us to some of the finest cables, sourced from Germany and connectors from the Principality of Liechtenstein.
Defined clarity, defined audio, divine sound
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Guitar Leads

High Quality Guitar Leads

Our collection of high quality guitar cables are the best choice for anyone looking for that little bit more in their sonic arsenal.

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BAss Guitar Leads

Bass Guitar Leads

Our bass cables help to achieve the highest possible audio fidelity, whether in the studio or on stage. Strengthen your sound

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Hi Quality Silent Audio Leads

Musical Instrument Leads

Our cables come with silent plugs as standard no more ear (speaker) piercing noise when unplugging form an amp or PA you forgot to shut down!

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Some more information about DCA

/ We create by hand

All our cables are made exclusively by hand in our workshop in the West of Scoland. All guitar cables are built with the utmost care and attention

/ If it's not right

If you find any fault with one of our cables, we will replace at no cost. We believe in total satisfaction.

/ Audio quality

We are passionate about audio quality, we have designed the DCA brand of instrument cables due to our passion.

We wanted to rid ourselves of the needless noises that we associate with those horrible old leads we all seem to accumulate over the years. That is why we tested, then tested again and then tested some more! many different manufacturers, lengths and connecters to try and find the best sounding cables money can buy, and we are sure we have come up with the goods.

Divine Clarity Audio Inc.
We have chosen a mix of terminations through testing and years of past experience,”Neutrik” and “Hicon” are the industry standard for a reason and there is no reason not to use them.

"Well it turns out the joke is on me! I did some recordings comparing DCA cables with some of the usual, mass manufactured suspects you would buy and.... well the difference for the better was quite marked. "

Adam Scott, Producer, Music Teacher

Amazing quality for on the road musicians. No more unwanted noise when unplugging.

Silent Guitar Cables

Superior audio tone and clarity when recording at home. You will be amzed at the clarity.

Boutique Instrument Cables

Use DCA leads in the studio for an even better recorded sound. "top end was less honky and scratchy"

Instrument leads with a difference